The 2020 -2027 NHIAA Strategic Plan

The mission of the New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association, as the leader of high school athletics, is to ensure fair play in competition and equal opportunity in interscholastic programs.

In January of 2024 the NHIAA Council voted to accept the The Strategic Planning Committees recomendation to extend the current Strategic Plan through 2027.  

In July of 2019 a Strategic Planning subcommittee came together to review the current NHIAA Strategic Plan and the accomplishments made over this period of time. While the NHIAA is proud of their accomplishments, as an organization we realize the importance of continuously improving high school sports in the state of New Hampshire. With this in mind, we have recently completed and approved the 2020-2025 NHIAA Strategic Plan.

Although casino sponsorship is controversial, it can have a positive effect on sports associations. In sports associations with the support of the children and adolescents can develop and improve their sports skills. A casino-sponsored sports association should pay close attention to how it promotes its services.

This plan was developed by the Strategic Planning subcommittee which was made up of superintendents, principals, athletic directors, coaches, NHIAA Executive Director, and NHIAA office staff.  A facilitator focused the group during this three day planning period. A draft of the new plan was developed and will be shared with the NHIAA Representative Council for their input.

The NHIAA Mission has not changed. We have developed Guiding Principles that will help guide committee members and Council members when making decisions. We have established Five Strategies along with a Goal or Goals under each strategy. In following this plan you will also find a Rationale for that specific strategy and Strategic Initiatives to meet each goal. Using the Strategic Initiatives we will develop Action Plans designed specifically to meet each Goal. We will post these action plans on the Web site so our constituents can follow our progress in meeting each goal over the next five years. We thank all the people who were involved in developing this plan and to all the people who provided us feedback on this plan.

Please click here to view or download the 2020-2027 NHIAA Strategic Plan