Officials Links


If you are interested in becoming an official, click here to find out who to contact and how to register. 

The NHIAA would like to recognize the following officials in their NFHS Active Official Award Recognition. 

2023-2024 Award Recipients

Baseball: Brian Troupe 

Basketball (girls): Stu Dedopoulos

Basketball (boys): Dennis Ordway 

Basketball (unified):  Bill Anderson

Cross Country: Margaret "Peg" Donaovan 

Field Hockey: Terry Kukesh 

Football: Richard Tracy

Lacrosse (girls): David Pelletier 

Lacrosse (boys): Dave Shannon 

Outdoor Track: Gary Custer

Soccer (girls): Chris Matte

Soccer (boys): Ted Kitsis

Soccer (unified): Peter Perich 

Softball: Len Lavin 

Swimming and Diving (girls): Laura Lewis

Swimming and Diving (boys): Ken Galica 

Volleyball (girls): Michael Hamilton 

Volleyball (boys): Ned Santee

Volleyball (unified): Austin McPherson

Wrestling: Lou Ferullo


2022-2023 Award Recipients

Baseball: Jim Walsh

Basketball (girls): Gary Jenness

Basketball (boys): Tim Keefe

Field Hockey: Cathy Pease

Football: James Presher

Ice Hockey: Al Nixa

Lacrosse (girls): Jackie Driscoll

Soccer (girls): Alicia Coffee

Soccer (boys): William Aubin 

Softball: Terri Warren 

Swimming and Diving (girls): Gregg Weber

Swimming and Diving (boys): Anne Awart

Voleyball: Richard Dumais

Wrestling: Rick Ross


Criteria for the Award:

Nominees must exemplify the highest standards of ethical conduct, moral character and carry the endorsement of their respective state high school association.  They shall have made a recent significant contribution to high school officiating in our state.

NFHS Officials Association membership is mandatory for this active official award.  *Officials are enrolled in this membership upon registration with the NHIAA.