Engaging Coaches

Coaches vastly underestimate the amount of influence they have with their student-athletes, especially the amount of influence they have over the lifestyle choices of young athletes. The Life of an Athlete (LoA) program acknowledges the importance of engaging coaches as an integral part of the program and how they can help student-athletes make good choices. LoA engages coaches in a number of ways and has created a resource specifically for coaches. 

The Coaches' Playbook

The Life of an Athlete NH Coaches' Playbook is a valuable resource for teaching student-athletes to make better lifestyle choices in order to optimize performance both on and off the field. The Playbook provides the tools necessary to proactively influence student-athletes and their support system: parents, coaches, athletic directors, teammates, friends, etc. 

LoA provides coaches with guidance in key areas, such as nutrition, sleep, a Code of Conduct, parent/athlete meetings, and team culture, to help student-athletes perform better as players, and have a positive high school sports experience. Athletics is not simply an activity, but an opportunity to provide a special experience that leads to a significantly improved outlook and positive perspective. The coach's role is impactful to student-athletes. Set standards that are never compromised. Remember, first and foremost, the job of the coach is to teach young people how to prepare for life. It's up to you to make a positive difference in the life of every member of your team. 

Coaches' Trainings

More information on Coaches' Trainings will be posted here when available. Check back soon!