Coaches Eligibility Brochure

Approved Coaches Education Courses

National Federation Fundamentals of Coaching
ASEP Coaching Principles
CoachSmart NH
Lacrosse Level 1 & 2 with Clinics Required
Special Olympics "Train the Trainer"
US Ski Coaches Assoc. Level I Clinic
USA Hockey Coaching Ed. Course
US Swim Coaches Assn. Coaching Principles
USA Track & Field Coaches Assoc. Coaches Ed. Course
USA Volleyball Impact

Approved Sports First Aid Courses

Red Cross First Aid (2 year certification)
Red Cross Sport First Aid (3 year certification)
First Responder Workshop
Wilderness (SOLO) First Aid (2 year certification)
Outdoor Emergency Care
National Safety Council First Aid & CPR
American Sport Education Program Sport First Aid
Heart Saver First (2 year certification)
Emergency Care & Safety Institute First Aid (2 year certification)
Emergency Care & Safety Institute Sport First Aid (3 year certification)
American Trauma Event Management (2 year certification)

NFHS First Aid, Health, and Safety of Coaches (Online course acceptable for certification/re-certification)

CPR Certification

**Online-only CPR courses are not permitted**

American Heart Association Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (2 year certification)
Red Cross Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (1 year certification)
Heart Saver - American Heart Association (2 year certification)
Wilderness (SOLO) CPR (2 year certification)

ASHI CPR/AED ( 2 year Certification)

Emergency Care & Safety Institute CPR/AED Training (2 year certification)
American Trauma Event Management (2 year certification)

There are a variety of courses available from the National Federation of State High School Association.  The sport specific courses are designed to improve coaching techniques and strategies. The elective courses demonstrate leadership and sportsmanship and the free courses emphasize student safety and parental involvement.

To access the courses listed below please go to: (In the lower left of the screen it will list the free courses; click on the course you want to review; [you will need to create a sign in if you do not all ready have one, this is free] Upon logging in the course will become available to you.)

Sport Specific Courses
Track and Field

Elective Courses

Engaging Effectively with Parents
NCAA Eligibility Center
Teaching and Modeling Behavior
Teaching Sports Skills

Free Courses

Concussion in Sports

The Role of Parent in Sports


Bullying, Hazing, and Inappropriate Behaviors

COVID-19 for Coaches and Administrators

Student Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

Coaches Rules Review Information

Baseball Interpretations:

Annual meeting on Sunday, March 17th at NHTI also 10 am.  We have a special guest speaker this year - Dale Scott, Retired MLB Umpire

Softball Interpretations:
Additional ZOOM Meetings - contact Al Douglas at for the link to join.  
Wednesday, March 20th at 7:00 p.m. - ZOOM 
Wednesday, March 27th at 7:00 p.m. - ZOOM 
Mens Lacrosse Coaches Meeting:
Wednesday, March 13, 2024 at Derryfield School starting at 6:00 p.m. 
Outdoor Track Coaches Rules Review: Click Here

A Parent-Coach Communication Guide

Protecting your High School Eligibility

Important Information That Could be a Matter of Life or Death!

As you can see below, the NFHS has launched a "free" on line course dealing with Acclimatization and Heat Illness Prevention.  Given the extremely hot summer to date this is a must see course for all school personnel involved with interscholastic athletics especially those participating in football.  Heat related death continues to be the number one preventable cause of death in athletics across the country.  Sadly, the number of deaths has not changed since data collection began in the 1950s.  Especially vulnerable are football players due to the equipment they wear and the fact that certain positions require student athletes to be physically large.  These are the same student athletes that traditional wisdom and practice has been to make them do extra physical work in order to get them into shape.  Football deaths due to heat exertion generally occur in the first couple of days of practice and involve this population of student athletes.  The course is about 20 minutes long and is very clear and concise.  This is a must see course that could save a life so all schools are urged to have coaches and other appropriate people in all sports review the material prior to the start of the up-coming season!  Just go to and follow the instructions for this "free" course.