What is Life of an Athlete?

New Hampshire (NH) Life of an Athlete (LoA) is implemented through the NH Interscholastic Athletic Association (NHIAA) with support from the thirteen Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services Substance Misuse Prevention Networks. NH LoA is a comprehensive prevention program which uses the intrinsic value of athletics to empower and motivate students to drive a cultural shift related to Alcohol and other Drugs (ATOD) in their communities. 

LoA fosters partnership and collaborations within the school community to support and sustain substance misuse prevention efforts through five core components:

  1. CODES OF CONDUCT: develop and consistently enforce policies based on the principles of the Restorative Justice model.
  2. PRE-SEASON MEETINGS: develop and incorporate clear messages about the impact of lifestyle choices on athletic performance into existing meetings.
  3. COACH ENGAGEMENT: skill-building for coaches to positively confront behaviors of concern, to model healthy behavior, and to incorporate messages in regular team communications pertaining to the impact of lifestyle choices on mental and physical performance communication. 
  4. STUDENT LEADERSHIP: skill-building for youth to positively confront behaviors of concern, to model healthy behavior, and to reinforce messages from their coach on the impact lifestyle choices have on mental and physical performance. 
  5. STAKEHOLDER UNITY: build community support for healthy choices as well as adopt and consistently enforce model policies. 

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