Clipper-Mules join Pease Greeters

The Portsmouth-Newmarket Ice Hockey team (the Clipper-Mules) recently joined the Pease Greeters last month in welcoming home service men and women returning to the US after a long deployment in Afghanistan. The Pease Greeters are a patriotic group of volunteers that greet men and women serving our country in the Armed Forces as they return home from the Middle East through Pease International Airport in Portsmouth, NH. The group also wishes good thoughts and prayers to service men and women leaving on deployments. 

The Clipper-Mules take an annual trip to Pease to join the Pease Greeters in thanking the men and women who have served our country. The team appreciates the trip every year and value the experience as an opportunity to recognize the sacrifice that our men and women in the military endure for our freedoms. 

We thank the Clipper-Mules players and coaches for participating in a great event and helping to thank those who defend our country! For more information on the Pease Greets, please visit their website by clicking here.