National Athletic Training Month 2017

The NHIAA is proud to celebrate individuals around the state that work hard to keep our student athletes safe! This March is 2017 National Athletic Training Month (NATM), and the slogan for this year's campaign is "Your protection is our priority". We will be doing public service announcements at our NHIAA tournament events for NATM 2017: 

"Celebrate National Athletic Training Month this March by following these important tips: 

  1. Before participating, see your physician for a physical exam.
  2. Always make sure there is an emergency plan in place. 
  3. During exercise, drink to thirst or based on individual needs depending on sweat rate. 
  4. Avoid tobacco, alcohol, and other harmful drugs.

And finally

  1. Have access to an Athletic Trainer.

Your participation is their priority. This message was brought to you by the National Athletic Trainers' Association and Safe Sports Network." 

"Have you been sidelined with an injury? Make sure you consult an Athletic Trainer, who specializes in prevention, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries and illnesses. Athletic Trainers- your protection is their priority. A reminder from the National Athletic Trainers' Association and Safe Sports Network during National Athletic Training Month." 

You can learn more about the National Athletic Trainers' Association and NATM 2017 by clicking here. 

Our thanks to Safe Sports Network for providing us with materials to promote NATM 2017!