Pinkerton Academy Pledge Video

In March 2016, the NHIAA's Life of an Athlete (LoA) program conducted a video contest entitled #ThisIsOurPledge. The purpose of the contest was to get Student Athlete Leadership Teams or Committees (SALT or SALC) in NHIAA member schools to create a video reciting a pledge with statements consistent with the LoA principles of a healthy lifestyle. 

Pinkerton Academy's Leadership Council of Athletes (LCA) used a variety of events, such as pep rallies, championship events, and school events, to demonstrate their commitment to the Life of an Astro pledge. It was evident how much student athletes support each other at PA. 

Pinkerton's video was played at the 2016 New Hampshire Student Leadership Conference for an audience of over 400 students and adults. Pinkerton's submission came in 1st in the #ThisIsOurPledge video contest, and members of the LCA received PA bucket hats as a prize!