Students Participate in Virtual NSLS

Members of the NHIAA Student Leadership Committee (SLC) recently participated in the 2020 NFHS National Online Student Leadership Summit (SLS). This event is typically held each summer in Indianapolis. We thank the NFHS for bringing us this great opportunity for our students virtually! Find the list of speakers who led workshops here:

The key takeaways our students had from the workshops were:

-Know what your team culture is because that will influence how your team performs more than anything else. (Dr. Greg Hale)

-To make your dreams happen, you need to start goal setting, and writing them down. Mind mapping is a great way to start getting you to focus on your path. (Omari Pearson)

-Leadership is influence, and we have the power to influence how we think, feel, and act. It is important to create impactful relationships with those around us. (Deb Hult)

Julie Carrier gave an opening keynote address. Carrier talked about how students have hearts of champions, but their minds are their internal negative critic. She encouraged the students to build their inner champion to overcome a lack of confidence. Julie shared some advice that she received, which was to remember your ABC’s, always be confident, and if you don’t feel confident, act confident, no one will know the difference. Our students felt this was an important message because no one really talks about or admits to lacking confidence and it is hard to overcome at times.

Deanna Singh closed the Summit with a keynote address on diversity and inclusion. When Singh was in high school, she noticed a need to educate others on diversity and inclusion because, on MLK Day, her school did nothing. Singh recited a poem from memory in the cafeteria that day. This inspired her to start a multicultural club, so her peers could learn about different cultures. The group organized a small multicultural fair for the school that grew to an in-school assembly, to what has now become a full-day event for the entire community. Our students found this story to be very inspiring, and it got them thinking about what they are doing now for their schools and what their legacies will be.

Members of the NHIAA SLC who participated include:

Aidan W. from Londonderry
Ashley H. from Derryfield
Autumn B. from Newfound
Bradley M. from Bishop Guertin
Cameron R. from Nashua South
Elizabeth B. from Concord
Hannah C. from Timberlane
Katelin H. from Bow
Lyla B. from Mascenic
Macy G. from Pinkerton
Will E. from Bedford

Thank you all for taking advantage of a great opportunity!