NHADA & NHIAA Student Leadership Conference

The NHADA & NHIAA's 25th Annual Student Leadership Conference was held on March 16th & 17th, 2017 at the Grappone Conference Center in Concord, New Hampshire. With approximately 450 attendees from over 50 NHIAA member schools, the Conference was a huge success! You can take a look at what people were saying about the Conference by searching #NHSLC17 in Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Check out this short video recap of our two days at NHSLC17: 

Students and chaperones rotated through five breakout sessions of various topics. Deb Hult presented on Sticking to Your Moral Compass. Navy SEALS Jason Larson and Anthony Page presented on Team Dynamics. NH Athletic Directors Lisa Gingras and Jamie Hayes presented on Leadership. Ryan Holder presented on Overcoming Obstacles. Members of the NHIAA Student Leadership Committee presented on Decision Making. All five breakout sessions were well received by students and chaperones!

The first Keynote Speech was given by John Underwood, founder of the Life of an Athlete Human Performance Project, an international program which has been adopted and offered in NH since 2013. Mr. Underwood spoke to the whole-body approach of athletics and how drugs, alcohol, lack of sleep, poor diet, and other outside forces can negatively impact athletic performance. 

Thursday night, the Clash of Colors competition took place. Our five color teams (Navy, Carolina Blue, Texas Orange, Forest Green, and Maroon) faced off in various activities, including 'Minute to Win It' challenges, races through inflatable obstacle courses, 'Jeopardy', relay races, and a team building challenge. Points were tallied through all of these activities, plus a few others that took place earlier in the day. The final results were announced on Friday, as Navy won the Clash of Colors!

The final Keynote Speech was given by James Orrigo. Mr. Orrigo's incredible energy and his courage to make a difference in the lives of others inspired everyone at the Conference to take what they have learned and apply it within their schools and communities. Here is the video James took just as our students were heading home from NHSLC17: 

The NHIAA, NHADA, and Life of an Athlete NH staff would like to thank all those that attended NHSLC17! You all had great energy and enthusiasm to learn, participate, and have fun too!

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If you have questions about NHSLC or any of our presenters, please email lifeofanathletenh@gmail.com.